5 WWE Wrestlers Who Saved People From Death

A lot of you may remember Shad Gaspard’s
heroic actions as this story was very recent, December 2016 in fact! But to those of you
who didn’t know, Shad Gaspard stopped an armed robbery at a Florida convenience store.
Who knows what that armed robber would have done to get his money. You could say Shad
stopped a potential murder that could have happened. The armed man pulled out a gun on
Shad after forcefully asking him to buy him a beer. He then went on to say to Shad that
he was going to rob this place so he better leave. However, Shad was having none of it
so he charged at the man and slammed his head into the exit door, pulled him outside into
the street and placed the robber into a rear naked choke hold. At this point JTG noticed
what was happening and phoned the police alerting them to the scene of the crime. Although it
turned out the gun was an airsoft gun, it was still a heroic move on Shad’s part as
he risked his life to prevent an armed robbery. Pretty ironic considering he was one half
of the Cryme Tyme gimmick. Diamond Dallas Page’s story made international
news when he saved the life of disabled army veteran, Arthur Boorman, through DDP yoga.
Arthur was told by doctors that he would never be able to walk unassisted again, after a
botched surgery he underwent after he was injured during the Gulf War. For 15 years,
Boorman believed them. He was very depressed, waiting to die and as a result, his weight
ballooned to 297 lbs. But once he found DDP yoga, he managed to shed 140lbs in 10 months
and most impressively, he regained his ability to walk. It is truly an amazing story and
I would definitely recommend you all to watch the transformation video on DDP’s YouTube
channel. Chuck Palumbo became a real life superhero
after he saved the life of a woman who was trapped inside a car that had flipped over.
The former WWE wrestler was driving down a rural road near his home in El Cajon, California
when he noticed a car that appeared to be flipped over on its side. He proceeded to
get out of his car and check the flipped car when he noticed a woman pinned between the
steering wheel with her arm trapped under the car. The woman was also drifting in and
out of consciousness. Amazingly, Palumbo managed to lift the car up for the woman to free her
arm. He then climbed on top of the passenger side of the vehicle and unbuckled her seat
belt and lifted her out of the car. See, not all heroes wear capes. The Masterpiece, Chris Masters also became
a hero when he saved his mother from a crazed neighbour who had set his mother’s house
on fire. Masters called the police after negotiating with the crazed neighbour but it was at this
moment the neighbour started setting the house on fire. The only way to get into the house
was through a window that was blocked by a ficus tree. You see where this is going…
Masters proceed to lock the tree in a Master lock and ripped the tree from its root and
threw it across… Ok, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that but Masters did indeed pull the
tree from the ground and tossed it through the window. He entered the burning home, located
his mother and led her to safety. The neighbour was later pulled from the home and charged
with arson. It is unclear what set off the neighbour. Big Bam Bigelow was one tough guy. The tattoos
on his head actually says it all really. Bigelow risked his life in 2000 to save three children
from a burning house near his home. In an interview, Bigelow recalled the kids playing
with big firecrackers which ended up creating a fire in the house. He did what he said anyone
else would have done and heroically charged through the flames to rescue the three children.
However, his efforts left him with second degree burns over 40% of his body and he spent
2 months recovering in hospital. It’s a shame that he could save the lives of others
but not himself as he died in 2007 of a drug overdose, aged 45.

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  1. I can't believe I said "Big Bam Bigelow" when it should be "Bam Bam Bigelow." Sorry about this. All the sleepless nights of editing is really taking a toll on me!

  2. what kind of cryme tyme gangbanger stops another person's crime? fucking sellouts. should have sticked with their characters and joined the crime.

  3. Has Rey Mysterio ever saved someone? I heard from my friend that his cousin was saved from a moving forklift she didn't see and Rey saved her by pushing her away.

  4. Bammer was a good guy . He wasn't everybody's cup of tea but he never set out to hurt anyone and was a genuinely good person. It is a damned shame that Scott is no longer with us .

  5. hi fact5wrestling love the video i liked and also who's​ your favourite​retired wrestler, would love to know bye keep up the good work
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  6. I was on my way back from West Palm beach Florida on the main highway and a woman who was around 65 years old feel asleep at over 70 miles per hour and slammed into the back of a 18 wheeler. They were on the side of the road so I passed them and pulled over and reversed my car. The guy had NO fire extinguisher which I thought they required you have.Her car was stuck under the back of trailer so I tried to open her door but it was bent, so after seeing a big flame under her hood the a adrenaline hit me and I pulled on the door really hard once and then twice and thank Toyota for making thin car's. I got her out before the Highway Patrol and fire department got there. That was over 10 years ago and I never heard from anyone about it. The Trooper did get my name and story about what happen. Would I do it again, OF COURSE I WOULD. I don't think that I'm a HERO but I have stopped 2 men from beating their woman in a parking lot. I have been married for 30 years to the same woman and we have 4 grown-up son's together and now we have 3 grandchildren. I'm not the type who looks the other way. Of course some people will say that I can get hurt or killed. Well I have been stabbed 3 different times and shot once and close to death several of those times. But I'm 48 years old and still around. 🖒💪✌

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