5 WWE WrestleMania Matches That Were Not Supposed To Happen

5 WWE WrestleMania Matches That Were Not Supposed To Happen

Believe it or not, the famous one-on-one No
Disqualification match at WrestleMania 24 between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the
Big Show was never supposed to happen in the first place. The original plan was to have
Rey Mysterio and former boxer, Oscar De La Hoya team up to take on Floyd Mayweather and
MVP. However, Oscar De La Hoya turned down the WWE, which allowed for the introduction
of the Big Show into the angle and the match was changed to Rey Mysterio and Floyd Mayweather
vs The Big Show and MVP. Shane McMahon was then suggested to take MVP’s place, changing
plans yet again. Another plan even suggested Rey Mysterio and Batista in a tag team match
against Floyd Mayweather and the Big Show, however, all plans were scrapped when Rey
Mysterio suffered a bicep injury, which kept him out of action for a few months. In the
end, a David vs Goliath type match was established between Floyd Mayweather and the Big Show,
which ended up being The Big Show’s highest profile match. A match that Mysterio could
have been a part of. The WWE was plagued with injuries leading
up to WrestleMania 32 with top stars like Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and John Cena all
unable to compete. As a result, this altered many plans and hence the match between Triple
H and Roman Reigns came to fruition. It was widely anticipated that the main event of
WrestleMania 32 would see Seth Rollins take on his former mentor, Triple H. However, that
did not happen, of course, as Seth Rollins sustained a knee injury, tearing his ACL,
MCL and medial meniscus at a house show in a match against Kane. It was also speculated
that The Rock would face Triple H at the grandest stage of them all due to their confrontation
at WrestleMania 31, however, movie commitments prevented The People’s Champ from clashing
with The Game. Instead, a feud was set-up between Roman Reigns and Triple H at Survivor
Series 2015, which eventually culminated in a match at ‘Mania 32, which saw the Big
Dog emerge victorious. It was rumoured that the original plan going
into WrestleMania 22 was to have a World Heavyweight Championship match between The Viper, Randy
Orton and The Animal, Batista. However, a few months prior to WrestleMania 22, Batista
tore his right tricep and so WrestleMania plans were scrapped for The Animal. Instead,
Kurt Angle ended up taking Batista’s place by winning a twenty-man battle royal for the
then vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which he went on to retain up until WrestleMania
22. The match was looking like it was going to be Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton for the WWE
World Heavyweight Championship, however, in a sudden turn of events, Rey Mysterio was
added in the mix after winning the 2006 Royal Rumble, thus making it a triple threat match.
It was thought that Mysterio received a bigger push due to his connection with Eddie Guerrero,
who tragically passed away a few months earlier. Nevertheless, Mysterio went on to win the
triple threat match and paid tribute to Eddie as the new World Heavyweight Champion. This is perhaps one of the most recognised
examples of WrestleMania plans being changed; the triple threat match between Daniel Bryan,
Batista and Randy Orton at WrestleMania 30. The original plan was to have WWE World Heavyweight
Champion at the time, Randy Orton square off against a returning Batista. However, fans
were not too embraced by this idea and instead wanted to see Bryan in the main event, who
was a fan favourite after CM Punk left the WWE. The crowd reacted very negatively towards
Batista’s 2014 Royal Rumble win due to Daniel Bryan’s omission in the match and Batista
was aptly known as “Boo-tista”. As a result of continuous pressure, the WWE had no choice
but to appease the fans by including Daniel Bryan in the main event picture providing
he could defeat Triple H at WrestleMania 30. If not, Triple H would be inserted into the
title match. Bryan went on to defeat Triple H as well as capture gold on the same night.
In an interview, Daniel Bryan confirmed that his WrestleMania 30 opponent was supposed
to be none other than the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus…yes…Sheamus, which would have
been their third WrestleMania encounter. It’s crazy to think that the iconic submission
match at WrestleMania 13 between The Hitman, Bret Hart and The Rattlesnake, Stone Cold
Steve Austin was never meant to happen in the first place. In fact, the original plan
for WrestleMania 13 was to have a rematch between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels but this
time Michaels would drop the title to Hart. However, in the months leading up to WrestleMania
13, Michaels “lost his smile” suffering a knee injury and felt the need to step away
from the ring until he “found his smile again”. Hart went on to claim that Michaels
was feigning injury, refusing to drop the title to him due to them being real-life rivals.
Maybe it was for the best though as we wouldn’t have seen the classic match between Hart and
Austin, which saw Austin pass out in his own pool of blood. If that’s not badass then
I don’t know what is! The images of blood gushing down Austin’s head as he refused
to submit was a sight to remember and marked the time where Austin would receive a babyface
push becoming one of the biggest stars in the history of WWE.

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  1. Pretty sure Randy Orton was called The Legend Killer back then. He was The Legend Killer from 2003-07'

  2. Did you know after the Rock it was supposed to be Cena till he got hurt and than Orton till HE got hurt. Than Bryan was supposed to win the championship royal rumble match to face Hunter but he got eliminated on accident so they did an emergency Triple H entrance.

  3. quick question about WM13 .. along with Hart vs Micheals for the title i also heard it was also suppose to be Taker vs Austin at that wrestlemania is that true or not ?

  4. hogan match at wrestlemania was originally pitched to stone cold but he wasn't willing to work with hulk so wwe pitched it to the rock who ran with the idea

  5. Wrestlemania 30 pissed me off and all the little cry baby's got Batista to leave the wwe again and now there all begging for Batista to return well stfu cry baby's he's not returning and you ruined an incredible return for Batista and you booed him just because he wasn't in the Royal Rumble Jesus I couldn't be so pissed off poor Batista getting squashed by a B plus player

  6. John Cena vs HBK wasn't the original plan for Wrestlemania 23, it was supposed to be a Cena vs HHJ rematch before HHH tore his quad

  7. Your Wrong about WRESTLEMANIA XXX. Batista was supposed to comeback as a BabyFace and win the Rumble. Then face Orton at Mania. Oh and lets see there was that other guy? Brock Lesnar. They even had a RAW where they had all three of them in the ring at the same time. But Batista didnt get Cheered so they had to have a BabyFace so the put Bryan in instead.

  8. WRESTLEMANIA 2016 should have been a Fatal 4 Way with the same result but adding anything can happen elements to please the fans. Champion Triple H vs Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns. Better. Picture it? The Undpredictability of Wyatt. Ambrose turns out to be a Double Agent since NXT working for Triple H to keep Roman under control. Reigns breaks his Corperate Chains and destroys everybody. Even costing Sheamus the Title after TLC 2015 to buddy Dean Ambrose on RAW.

  9. I think because Seth Rollins got injured in 2015, therefore Roman Reigns fought Triple H instead of The Undertaker. And that's when Roman turns heel.

  10. Sting vs Triple h at WM 31 also was not supposed to happened
    the original plans were for Batista to return and wrestle HHH but that did not happened cause Dave could not return because he was busy with Gardians of the galaxy so we had Sting vs hunter

  11. Also, Wrestlemania 21, the rock was meant to have a return run where he'd fight jbl for the WWE title at Wrestlemania and beat him however movie commitments caused him to be replaced with John Cena.

  12. You cannot tell me that a match that was teased for 2 years (hhh vs roman) since roman said he will get triple h after the seth rollins betrayal was not supposed to happen

  13. I thought the feud between triple h and roman was supposed to be Seth vs roman which would lead to a wrestle mania match but then Seth got injured

  14. Daniel Bryan shouldn't have been involved in the championship match at wm30. Batista won the rumble and deserved the match more than anyone, then there comes the long bearded brat that just had to beat Triple H to get a title shot. Not fair. He even vacated the title on the next night. Tbh Batista could have been the way better champion.

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  16. Fun Fact : Supposedly the WM match against Bret was the 1st ever time Austin bladed and it was actually Bret who bladed him

  17. If everything had taken place with no hiccups or deaths, WrestleMania 22 would’ve been one of the best WrestleManias ever. The Card would’ve included 3 HUGE matches:

    Batista vs Randy Orton for the world heavyweight title
    Undertaker vs Kurt Angle (which was even set up at the Royal Rumble)
    And Shawn Michaels vs Eddie Guerrero (which was in the plans until Eddie died)

    I’m not sure if Cena and Triple H’s match was planned from the start either. Maybe. I don’t know.

  18. I never thought about it before but I seriously doubt Byran would've become as big as he is as quickly as he did if CM Punk had stayed.

  19. Matches would happened at wrestlemania
    Taker vs barret wm 27
    Hhh vs mike tyson wm 17
    Hbk vs eddie guerrero wm 22
    Bray wyatt vs sting wm 32
    Taker vs cena wm 32
    Taker vs lesnar wm 32
    Taker vs strowman wm 32
    Flair vs hogan wm 8
    Lesnar vs reigns wm 32
    Punk vs hhh wm 30
    Hbk vs miz wm 26
    Taker vs macintyre wm 26

  20. it would be awesome if Shawn Michaels and glenn Jacobs got the chance to finally retire the undertaker and triple h for good in a retirement WWE match hopefully in 2019 or 2020

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