5 Reasons Vince Wants Roman Reigns to BEAT Undertaker at WrestleMania 33

5 Reasons Vince Wants Roman Reigns to BEAT Undertaker at WrestleMania 33

When it was reported that Vince McMahon was
no longer considering Undertaker versus John Cena at WrestleMania, it was also rumored
that he was choosing a match that would benefit the future of the company…. Now we have Undertaker versus Roman Reigns. My name is John, and these are 5 reasons Vince
wants Roman Reigns to beat Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. It is already being reported that Vince McMahon
has decided the main event for next year’s WrestleMania, as it looks as though it will
Be Roman Reigns against Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship. I would hope that they wouldn’t put this
match in the main event just because I can’t see a situation where a majority of fans are
going to be alright with Roman being in the main event for a third time. Vince is going to want Roman Reigns to win
against Undertaker to once again attempt to once again build Lesnar as an unstoppable
force, so he can ultimately lose to the big dog. Having to rely on superstars from the past
to boost ratings is a tactic that a wrestling promotion like WWE wants to employ often,
as part-timers will typically have more creative control as well as a higher pay. Having superstars like Roman Reigns, who are
consistent workers, and are able to carry the company and draw on their own is always
going to be more suitable compared to bringing in guys like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, who
are already established superstars who don’t need to put on a quality performance to get
the arena sold out. On top of Vince wanting to build up the Roman
Empire to once again go to war with the mayor of Suplex City, Vince is going to want to
try Roman versus Lesnar at WrestleMania again, since Brock Lesnar is not as popular as he
was before. Brock Lesnar being portrayed as a monster
is just getting old, so having Lesnar pick up the Universal title at WrestleMania will
outrage fans even more. Hell, even Reigns isn’t as hated as he was
during his match at WrestleMania 31, so there might just be, at the very least, a better
chance that the fans will get behind Reigns. Nonetheless, Brock has been doing not been
well received since his return following his revealed use of prohibit substances. If Roman Reigns were to beat and retire The
Undertaker, this would only further the notion for fans to make an argument claiming that
the WWE is Roman’s yard. Paul Heyman gets to parade around with Brock
Lesnar and bring up the fact that Brock conquered the streak. While the streak may no longer be in place
to break, this would put Lesnar and Roman Reigns in the same bracket for being the only
men to have defeated the Deadman at mania. Furthermore, Roman Reigns having the opportunity
to retire the Undertaker is an accolade in itself on top of just beating him at WrestleMania. The biggest reason that Vince McMahon is going
to have the big dog piss all over the yard of the deadman is simply because Taker wants
to be finished. The Undertaker was rumored to have wanted
to retire at this past years WrestleMania, but that couldn’t be done and he is just
not in the shape needed to compete at the level he once did. And this is taking a man’s health into consideration
on the basis that he is just recently returning from a hip surgery that put him on crutches,
however many years of wrestling experience and injuries and so forth. The fact that he can still compete is incredible,
and the fact that the biggest draw of WrestleMania 32 was Taker’s match with Shane speaks volumes
about his character and the ability to create an amazing storyline. While I don’t think Reigns versus Taker
will be as big of a draw as Taker’s match with Shane, I do firmly believe Taker really
would like to retire and put Vince’s big dog over. And these are 5 reasons Vince McMahon Wants
Roman Reigns to Retire The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. I hope you’re all having a great day; thank
you so much for watching Wrestling Hub, and I’ll see you later with more wrestling videos.

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  1. It could've just been one reason.. Vince wants Roman to be the next John Cena.. I think when they actually give Roman a good storyline and make him look like a good guy rather than a stuck up smartass he'll have better luck with the fans.. He's pretty entertaining and puts on pretty good matches.. Roman, Ambrose, and Rollins have been groomed to be the next big thing since day 1

  2. If lesnar wins the title it won't show that he's a beast it'll just show everyone that it took him three tries to beat Goldberg

  3. The problem is that WWE wants a young star to beat Undertaker right now… Reigns actually fits that role best considering that Rollins is busy, Owens is busy and Ambrose is not ready at all. Personally I would have liked Braun or Samoa Joe to beat Undertaker, but I suppose it is too soon for Joe now and they ruined it for Braun. I thing a triple threat between Taker Reigns and Braun would have been cool, but that's just my opinion.


  5. thats crusher pic is fake … and undertaker is having an hip surgery after wrestlemania 33 ., thats why undertaker last match is wrestlemania 33 ..
    Roman cant beat undertaker bcoz if roman win ., all 70k fans in arena will boo him .. and after that I will stop watching wwe…

  6. The revenge of the WWE & Vince Mc Mahon.
    Roman's boo guys bring this to our most beloved Wrestler.
    He will be defeated Brock Lesnar For The WWE Script Championship.

  7. If Taker wants to retire because he is old, let him be. I want this legend to go out in glory but I don't want to kill him too.

  8. I want Taker to win
    But Damn Taker has looked awful in the ring since WrestleMania 30.
    Taker has to lose all the Legends lost their last match
    Austin, Rock, Flair, Michaels,now its Taker's turn

  9. Well we all know the undertakers going to be…. oh wait never mind I thought it wwwas aaa dream don't look at me

  10. Vince McMahon is a fucking moron who doesn't give a shit about the fans! It's all about the money! Fuck WWE! It can go under just like TNA for all I care!

  11. Here is the 5:
    1. vince is OBSESSED with Roman Reigns.
    2. vince is INFATUATED with Roman Reigns.
    3. vince, 3h, stephanie are in LOVE Roman.

  12. The only reason is not because of Vince having affairs with Roman, undertaker is to old to compete. He's competed for 25-26 years by now, and he is 51 at this time.

  13. If the undertaker wanted to retire , its his choice You can't tell him to stay at the age of 52 years old and having more than one surgery just to please the fans , so thank you undertaker for all these years you have given

    The Undertaker
    "mean mark callas" (1984-2017)

  14. wwe has scripted matches before the match they will decide who won. at last they want taker and berg lost because they will retire and and company don't need them this is the reason

  15. If I was Roman Rains I'll say this :-
    I don't give a fuck about you n I don't care if you don't like me to beat the hell out of The Undertaker, so BOOOOO me n I will BOOOOO your asses bitch

  16. Who cares about the shambles streak taker is going away and y'all want us to like roman that fucker defeated all our loved wrestlers like triple h and taker and styles and Batista and CM PUNK!!!!!!!!!

  17. That was the most courteous ending to any video I've ever heard. I'll subscribe just for that 👌🏾

  18. Roman reigns vs undertaker it was a long match my father likes the undertaker and he doesn't know who is Roman reigns

  19. omg, you said he int hated like wm 31, but i realise this is before wm 33
    i got scared for a second 😀

  20. When Roman Reigns headlines the main event at Wrestlemania 34 against Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship, this will be his 4th consecutive Wrestlemania that he will have main evented.

  21. Just read this, okay ?
    "Vince didn't chose Roman, lol. Taker chose him. Why? Cause he sees the talent Roman has. If taker says someone is talented, you know damn well it's true. He chose Roman to make all of you mad, so it's all your fault this happened. Taker could've kicked out, but he didn't cause he wanted Roman to win. He got up mins after Roman pinned him, so you know he let him win. And these heartless haters don't even know what tf is happening. It's sad how Roman started crying backstage and people still gives him hate. Did u guys see the look on Roman's face, he didn't want to do it." You guys say that Roman doesn't have respect for Taker ? Well you guys are wrong, he does have respect.
    Just grow up and do something good in your life.

  22. Roman beat Undertaker. We all know that. But I thought that it was a good thing as it's a passing of the torch kind of thing. I think that even The Undertaker would agree and to want to put younger talent over as Undertaker sees Roman as the next face of the company.

  23. Guys the only reason why roman beat the undertaker was because so they can boost romans ratings and so someone can retire him.

  24. Booman Reigns defeated the Undertaker , now all those victories taker had all those years mean nothing , taker is just a nobody now

  25. Lol and here I heard today that triple h would take on undertaker for one last time at Melbourne….when will the tàker actually retire??

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