5 MOST STUPID Romance Storylines In WWE History

Towards the end of 2018, Mandy Rose and Naomi
began feuding with each other after Rose started flirting with Naomi’s real-life husband,
Jimmy Uso. Mandy made several attempts to seduce Jimmy and even invited him to lock
her up in the Uso Penitentiary, a.ka. her hotel room. Jimmy should have given the hotel
key to this guy… After Jimmy Uso somehow made it to the hotel room, Mandy Rose undressed
to her lingerie, ready for Jimmy’s jimmy. It was all a ploy by Mandy though but little
did she know that Jimmy Uso brought some company. The whole storyline was bad and even Mandy’s
partner, Sonya Deville couldn’t stop shaking her head throughout. Who regrettably remembers this disaster of
a storyline? After three straight losses to John Cena, Rusev blamed Lana for his last
defeat and banished her from accompanying him. Shortly after, Lana began a relationship
with Dolph Ziggler while Rusev allied himself with Summer Rae. Each week, the two couples
went back-and-forth in segments that did no-one good. It’s safe to say that the whole angle
was a mess from start to finish and this was compounded by the fact that Rusev and Lana
got engaged IRL. As a result, the WWE had no choice but to acknowledge this and the
storyline thankfully came to screeching halt. Summer Rae Had some strong words to say to Rusev… This is perhaps one of the weirdest and darkest
romance angles… if you can even call it that… in WWE history. It all started when
Kane got rejected by Lita, so what did he do? He kidnapped and impregnated her! That
sounds like Kane! The Big Red Monster then forced Lita to marry him after winning a “Til
Death Do Us Part” match against Matt Hardy at SummerSlam 2004. Unsurprisingly when it
came to the wedding, things didn’t turn out the way it was planned. Lita would go
on to miscarry the baby after a debuting Snitsky hit Kane from behind with a steel chair causing
him to fall on Lita. This led to the infamous segment where Snitsky kicked a baby into the
crowd in order to torment Lita. After all of this somehow blew over, Kane and Lita bumped
into each other backstage years later in what was a very awkward encounter. Vince McMahon has been involved in a number
of romance storylines with Sable, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler just to name a few. But
one that stood out for all the wrong reasons was his on-screen relationship with Trish
Stratus. The Chairman often made out with Stratus and once even made out with her in
front of his wife as she helplessly watched on. McMahon eventually grew tired of Stratus
and took to humiliating her on several occasions as you do. Firstly, by dumping sewage on her
and secondly, forcing her to strip down, get on her hands and knees and bark like a dog.
All of this left a sour taste but Stratus did manage to get her revenge with the help
of The Rock and Rikishi. From past romance angles, surely the WWE would
have learned by now that they should just stop doing them. But then again, this is the
WWE we’re talking about. Just recently, the WWE decided to go with a storyline of
who is the father to Maria Kanellis’ baby? It certainly wasn’t her husband as Maria
made that clear… Just when we thought the storyline couldn’t get any more absurd,
it did. A returning Rusev was instead announced as the father of Maria Kanellis’ child.
With a moustache like that, he can get all the ladies pregnant! As for Mike Kanellis,
he wanted no part of the Bulgarian Brute and just came to accept him as the father. But
wait, the plot thickens as Bobby Lashley made his return from injury with Rusev’s wife,
Lana, by his side and the two locked lips. What is it they say? “Once you go black
you never go back!”

100 thoughts on “5 MOST STUPID Romance Storylines In WWE History

  1. I hated the Lashley thing when it first started. Didn't like that that was how he was returning. But then the following week Lashley got to show off his trash talking heel persona rubbing it in Rusev's face and it was great. They're giving him more character and more of a platform to show off his skill there. He can play the heel. He did in TNA. Cue his promo on Alberto El Patron and his family.

  2. i get that fact 5 has actual good editing skills but the fact everyone comments the same thing about it
    just makes me think they mostly do it just for his attention and for an easy heart comment from him

  3. The much anticipated Bobby Lashley return was ruined. He should have been drafted to Smackdown to confront Lesnar.

  4. The bobby Lashley segment isn't that bad you smarks asked to remove pg Era when the wwe try to do what guy smarks say you start bitching

  5. WWE : alrighty boys how do we attract fans

    employee : how bout we return lashley with lana n make em do non pg dances

    WWE : yes

  6. It makes me sick to my stomach how Vince is ruining his own show with all this stupid love affairs forgotten there are kids are the show too. I mean look at lane and bobby last romance scene too graphic for kids. Anyway nice video buddy

  7. Yet again, you’re the best YouTube wrestling channel and videos are great quality
    That’s why I always watched your videos🔥❤️❤️

  8. Well I'm a 14 years old who litterly knows the wwe's history and the beststory lines and the weirdest and the darkest and the worst from freakin 1980s till now XD btw I also know that wwe's first name was *coughs*….ahhh WWWF stands for world wide wrestling federation….dame I'm a nerd

  9. Rusev is a stupid punishment for God knows what in Vince head. It's stupid and not wrestling. Same with Maria pregnancy shit.

  10. Bobby is a wife stealer, I wish Lana could just stand on her two feet and tell Lashley what he's doing so he can just fix his mistake and end this "wife" controversy.

  11. A few months ago Stephanie Macmohan came out and told about woman power and such storylines will no more feature in WWE. And now they are back with Lana and Lashley

  12. Bro I love your content your editing, the jokes, and the list are just amazing thank you so much for uploading your great content.

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