5 ECW Wrestlers Who Took Blading Too Far

Please note that viewer discretion is advised.
Again, just to reiterate like the previous video on WWE wrestlers who took blading too
far, (a quick shameless plug to go and watch if you haven’t already) this list is not
based on the bloodiest result created by blading but based on the aftermath of blading and
what it’s done to the wrestlers’ appearance such as scars on their forehead. This normally
appears due to a build-up of scar tissue from deep blading. You guys asked for this video
so we are more than happy to make it! With that being said, let’s get right into the
video! Back in the days of ECW, Steve Corino (who
now works in the WWE as a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Centre) competed in ECW
in the late 90s. He debuted in the company in 1998 as a heel manager. He was known in
ECW by his “King of Old School” gimmick, where he would mock hardcore wrestlers. Throughout
his stay in ECW, he became a one-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion after defeating
Justin Credible, The Sandman and Jerry Lynn in a Double Jeopardy match. He also feuded
with Dusty Rhodes, who defeated him in a gory Texas Bullrope match, which he regards as
his favourite match while in ECW. Due to Corino’s use of blading throughout his career, he did
end up with some visible damage to his forehead but granted it is not as bad compared to other
ECW wrestlers on this list. Masato Tanaka first debuted in ECW in 1998,
teaming up with Balls Mahoney after Paul Heyman became interested in the Japanese talent.
Tanaka’s first ever match in ECW was actually very much hated by the fans in attendance,
who greeted him with boos through his match, which was far different to the well-received
responses he had from his matches in Japan. Tanaka and Balls Mahoney defeated The Dudley
Boyz to win the ECW World Tag Team Championships with Tanaka becoming the first ever person
to kick out of The Dudley’s 3D finishing move. Tanaka became a second-time ECW World
Tag Team Champion two years later after teaming up with Tommy Dreamer to defeat the Impact
Players. Tanaka also won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship becoming the first non-American
citizen to win it after defeating Awesome. His battle scars from his many fights throughout
ECW and through many other promotions are clearly shown as he has got many scars that
can be seen on his chest and both of his arms. He has also got tissue damage to his forehead
which can be seen due to the times he has bladed. Balls Mahoney was very well-known in the hardcore
wrestling scene, especially working in the promotion ECW. He first entered the company
in 1997, carrying around his signature steel chair which always had some kind of writing
or sign placed on it. During his stay in ECW, Balls Mahoney won the ECW World Tag Team Championships
three times, winning it twice with Spike Dudley and once with Masato Tanaka. Balls Mahoney
has competed in many bloody matches throughout his time in ECW. One example is when he alongside
his partner Axl Rotten fought New Jack and John Kronus. Another good example is where
Mahoney teamed up with Spike Dudley against The Dudley Boyz which involved a cheese grater,
a fork and a table covered in thumbtacks soaked in lighter fluid. Maybe that’s why the WWE
named their pay per view Great Balls of Fire… All of these brutal matches did take a physical
toll on Balls Mahoney as his forehead clearly showed signs of tissue damage from his many
bad blading jobs. Sabu was a proper hardcore wrestler, often
known for performing many dangerous stunts that led to numerous injuries throughout his
ECW career. These injuries include: broken ribs, a broken jaw and a broken neck, not
once but twice! Amidst all his injuries, Sabu has held the ECW World Heavyweight Championship
twice, defeating Shane Douglas for his first championship and Terry Funk for his second.
Sabu’s extreme wrestling style has led him to receive many deep permanent scars that
can be seen all over his body as well as tissue damage to his forehead from the times he has
bladed. One of Sabu’s most infamous matches was the No-Rope Barbed Wire match with Terry
Funk in which Funk nearly lost his life. A match which was promoted as “too extreme
even for ECW.” With both men bleeding profusely in the match, a memorable moment came when
Sabu set up for his signature Air Sabu move. However, Terry Funk ended up moving out the
way which caused Sabu to collide violently into the barbed wire which tore open his biceps.
The match ended with both men so badly tangled up together in the barbed wire that it took
several ring technicians armed with wire cutters to free them. When you are talking about a person being
“crazy” or “violent” or just plain psychopathic then New Jack is the guy you
are looking for. New Jack joined ECW in 1995 and was known for his willingness to take
dangerous bumps and his stiff hardcore wrestling style. He wrestled in a tag team with Mustafa
Saed called The Gangstas where he won the ECW tag team championships twice, and once
under a new tag team he formed with John Kronus called The Gangstanators. One iconic moment
in particular was The Danbury Fall, which involved him falling 15-feet off a scaffold
and hitting his head on the concrete floor. This caused New Jack to suffer legitimate
brain damage and was permanently blinded in his right eye. New Jack states that he lost
his eyesight in his right eye from that very fall as he recalled brain fluid coming out
of his nose. As for New Jack’s forehead, the results speak for itself. The guy even
admitted himself that he bladed badly. His forehead literally looks like hamburger meat.
He said it, not me. (Let’s add some cheese, maybe some onions, some lettuce too and top
it off with some burger sauce. Voila!) On a real note, please don’t hurt me…

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