100 Wrestling Facts You Didn’t Know

100 Wrestling Facts You Didn’t Know

What do you do for fun? Some people take up a hobby, or partake in
a team sport. Some people bake, or attend a box social with
some of their closest chums. Personally, I sit up late at night in my basement,
illuminated by the flickering light of a single candle. The reason? Facts. Hours upon hours spend researching facts. Eating dry bread and water while looking up
endless facts. I’m not lonely, I promise. Facts are fun – did you know, for example,
that the planet Uranus used to be named George? Isn’t that WACKY!? As I’m sure you’re aware, wrestling is fun
too. So I’ve decided to combine the two for your
viewing pleasure. Without further ado, I present to you 100
Wrestling Facts You Didn’t Know. (Probably.) Raven is the only wrestler to have had an
action figure made by WCW, WWE, TNA and ECW. Smackdown was originally set to be a 2-Hour
Women’s Show. Wrestlemania XVI didn’t have a single male
singles match on the card. Shawn Stasiak has been a Hardcore Champion
in WWE 15 times. Each of those reigns lasted less than a day
and he was never seen with the belt on TV as all of the wins/losses occurred at house
shows. In 1994, Jeff Hardy wrestled King Kong Bundy. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s first televised
WWF opponent was none other than Matt Hardy. Ric Flair was stolen as a baby. Hulk Hogan has a big penis, but Terry Bollea
does not. Jim Ross defeated Triple H one-on-one in the
main event of Monday Night Raw. Vince McMahon didn’t meet his biological father
until he was 12 and was raised as Vince Lupton until then. Terry Funk made his debut the same year that
The Undertaker was born. Alberto Del Rio wrestled more matches on Raw
than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Dolph Ziggler has never had a singles match
at Wrestlemania. Undertaker’s? original name was Cain “The Undertaker”
Vince McMahon is 1-0 against God. For now. “Mr. WrestleMania” Shawn Michaels lost 11
of his 17 WrestleMania matches. Kane was born in Spain. Probably on the plain. Triple H now owns record for most losses at
WrestleMania. The Rock is a skilled light tackle salt water
fisherman. Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle at WM 19 Was First
WrestleMania Main Event where both competitors used their real life names. WrestleMania 2 Happened On A Monday. The Undertaker and Sting did actually wrestle…
sort of. The Undertaker, who was known as Mean’ Mark
Callous at the time, wrestled Sting for the NWA title, after Mark Callous subbed in for
Windham, who way originally advertised for the match. Diamond Dallas Page’s First WrestleMania Appearance
Was At WrestleMania 6 Speaking of DDP, he was 33 years old when
he had his first pro wrestling match. The Undertaker has a real-life phobia of cucumbers. Why this hasn’t been incorporated into a match
I will never understand. Remember Kai-En-Tai’s english voice dubbing
when they delivered a promo? That voice was Shane McMahon’s. Finn Balor signed with WWE in 2013. Adam Cole signed in 2017. They both made their Royal Rumble debut in
the same year – 2018. The original idea of the Mankind gimmick is
that he was a piano playing child prodigy who couldn’t take the pressure his parents
were putting on him and so he went to live with rats. John Cena has never held the Intercontinental
Championship The Undertaker has never held the Intercontinental
Championship The Miz has main evented Wrestlemania more
times than CM Punk, Ric Flair, AJ Styles and Bruno Sammartino combined. Rey Mysterio Was A Stunt Double For Freddy
Krueger Billy Kidman is the only person to have 3
straight pinfall victories over Hulk Hogan Shinsuke Nakamura and Hulk Hogan appeared
on the same PPV card, in consecutive matches. Abraham Lincoln invented the chokeslam. Vince hates scarves and told Del Rio to wear
one when he made his debut as he thought it would draw heat. Before he was Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley once
cut a promo completely naked. Andre The Giant once fell asleep during a
match with Big John Studd. Batista got his belly button tattoo because
his girlfriend wanted to get matching tattoos and he thought that was the best place to
get identicals. They’ve since broken up. According to The Honky Tonk Man, Howard Finkle
at one point had the largest physical collection of porn videos in the United States. WWE’s Most Viewed YouTube Video Of 2015 Was
Lana Kissing Dolph Ziggler Chris Jericho is from Winnipeg, you idiot. Rob Van Dam currently has the best undefeated
record in Wrestlemania with a streak of four wins. Paul Bearer, before getting into the wrestling
business, actually worked at a morgue. Michael Cole has a higher Wrestlemania winning
percentage than The Undertaker. One of the options for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s
name before he debuted was Fang McFrost. Another option was Otto Von Ruthless. And another option was Buddy Peacock. Neville has competed for the NXT title, the
US title, and the World Heavyweight title, all through open challenges. At the time of his death, Bruiser Brody was
in talks with the WWE to come in for a run that would have been highlighted by a Wrestlemania
main event against Hulk Hogan. Chris Benoit’s title victory at WrestleMania
20 was the first time a title was won by submission in the main event at a WrestleMania. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat’s real name is
Richard Henry Blood… Dick Blood. Sabu’s real name is Terry Brunk, so ECW’s
infamous Born to be Wired match was Terry Brunk vs Terry Funk. Elvis Presley was supposed to wrestle Jerry
Lawler, but died. So they got Andy Kaufman. Dusty Rhodes taught Finn Balor how to drive. Randy Savage lost all of his WWF and WCW world
titles to either Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair John Cena appeared in the 2000 WCW movie Ready
to Rumble as an extra Howard Finkel was the first employee hired
by Vince Jr when he took over the company from his father. Out of 89 Pay Per View appearances, Hulk Hogan
was in the main event in 78 of them. According to Bruce Pritchard, It was once
the plan to have Roddy Piper fight OJ Simpson at Wrestlemania 12
Bruno Mars was named after Bruno Sammartino because his dad was a huge wrestling fan. Rick Steiner is an elected member of the Cherokee
County School Board in Georgia. Sheamus worked as Bono’s bodyguard…
and Brodus Clay worked as Snoop Dogg’s. Joey Ryan has appeared in both GLOW and Ru
Paul’s Drag Race. R-Truth has spent more days as NWA champion
than Dusty Rhodes. Before it was Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart was Eric
Bischoff’s choice to be the NWO third man. The Gobbledy Gooker was Hector Guerrero, Eddie
Guerrero’s brother. You could fit a hard boiled egg through Andre
The Giant’s ring. As in his jewelry ring. On his finger. Grow up. Terry Taylor was originally going to be given
the Mr Perfect gimmick. Instead, he would become the Red Rooster. Just as good. X Pac rejected the chance to use Red Hot Chili
Peppers for his theme song — he preferred to use Uncle Kracker instead. As part of his character, Balls Mahoney wouldn’t
shower while in ECW. Pedro Morales is the only living inductee
into the WWE Hall of Fame to no-show his own induction. After being fired from NXT, Kassius Ohno would
take the pedigree on indy shows and kick out at one. Scott Hall Came Up With The Crow Sting Gimmick. Beth Phoenix is the youngest member of the
WWE Hall of Fame, entering at age 36. Ricardo Rodrigruez was an extra in a porn
film. Edge was voted “most likely to be WWE Champion”
in High School. Viktor trained in the Hart Dungeon. Tommy Dreamer is the only man to hold the
ECW Championship in both versions of ECW. Bret Hart’s original Twitter handle was “bretshart”
Jimmy Wang Yang has never won a singles title anywhere he has ever wrestled. Not even the indys. Daniel Bryan vs. Kamala is a match that actually
happened. Jerry Lawler has held at least 220 championship
titles in his career but ZERO titles in the WWE. The Wrestling Album and Piledriver were both
produced by Simon Cowell. Andre The Giant used to use the Tombstone
piledriver as a finisher. Out of all the wrestlers to portray the evil
russian stereotype in WWE none were actually from Russia. Roman Reigns and Tyler Breeze were FCW Tag
Team Champions. Before it was given to CM Punk, Randy Orton
once used Punk’s “This Fire Burns” entrance music. Bruno Sammartino turned down a role in The
Sopranos when he found out there was swearing on the show. Undertaker has fought against two generations
of the Rotunda family on a PPV. He fought IRS in 1995 and Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania
two decades later. John Cena’s debut match against Kurt Angle
wasn’t planned. Originally the open challenge by Angle was
to be answered by the Undertaker, but he had come down with an awful flu, so a rookie John
Cena answered the call instead. Wrestlemania was almost called “The Colossal
Tussle”. Roman Reigns first WWE TV appearence was at
Elimination Chamber 2012 in a segment shot at John Cenas gym where he let some FCW guys
train. The Bushwackers have had a 5 star match and
a -5 star match Batista collects vintage lunchboxes. Alundra Blayze is now a professional monster
truck driver under her WCW name, Medusa. Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn’t actually enjoy
beer. In fact, he’s a self-described connoisseur
of wine. Heath Slater holds clean pinfalls over both
Edge and Chris Jericho… On the same night… Within a minute of each other. And finally… Rellik is Killer spelled backwards! Ooooh.

100 thoughts on “100 Wrestling Facts You Didn’t Know

  1. Nicolas has a greater winning record at Wrestlemania than the Undertaker , Hulk Hogan , Bret Hart , Shawn Michaels , Stone Cold , John Cena and Roman Reigns

  2. Bruh I thought Bryan Danielson had originally decided the name Buddy Peacock for when he had to come up with a WWE name until William Regal decided that Daniel Bryan worked best

  3. I respect Bruno sammartino for being the longest reigning WWE champion but I’m not a fan of him at all because he hates the attitude era and the ruthless aggression era.

  4. edge couldn't have said WWE in high school it woulda still been WWF that pic fake my friend! WWF didn't change name until 2002

  5. TNA's character Suicide has become their version of Doink the Clown with so many wrestlers having donned the mask including Kaz and Christopher Daniels.

  6. #33 (the one about Terry Taylor) isn't true. It was based off a throwaway comment Taylor made in an interview years later where he mused about how things would have been different for him if he'd been Mr Perfect (Taylor and Hennig had both signed with the company at about the same time).

    I'm also skeptical about the Simon Cowell one as I'm pretty sure the only WWF album he produced was the Wrestlemania album in 1993. But if anyone knows otherwise, feel free to correct me.

  7. The one that said Stone Cold doesn't like beer… isn't true lol. I have heard him mention his love for beer on several occasions. He also has his own IPA I believe.

  8. 3 commercials in 10min video on mobile device? You just got unfollowed my friends, even Jen doesn`t help in this situation :/

  9. FACT: Uranus was not actually ever named "George". It's a common misconception. The truth is that the planet was meant to be named after King George but it was never meant to be called "George."

  10. How was Edge voted "most likely to be WWE champion" when it was still called the WWF while he was in high school?

  11. Here's something that probably nobody picked up on, Jr beating Triple H in the main event of raw and Terry Funk debuting in wrestling the same year the Undertaker was born are both fact number 92 still a great video tho

  12. ok when i got to the stone cold doesnt enjoy beer part i had to quit..the fucker talks non stop about his "IPA's he enjoys,,,how many of these facts are bullshit?

  13. Fun facts, 1.)John Cena trained under Christopher Daniels and Finlay, 2.) Mark Calaway(the undertaker)won his first championship in professional wrestling from Jerry The King Lawler, 3.) Eddie Guerrero Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho are the only WWE Superstars to hold the European,Intercontinental, and US championships in their careers.

  14. Something to point out, Bruno Sammartino wasn't wrestling when WrestleMania became an event. By the time WM had been created, Bruno was retired.

  15. I actually grew up and currently live in Cherokee County, Ga. I've met Rick Steiner multiple times, and played football and wrestled with his son, Bronson Recsteiner

  16. jesus, talk about killing an image… the fucking rattlesnake is a wine drinker? i really wish i'd never seen that.

  17. Sting was erics first choice as the third man for nwo, bret was never considered as he was a loyal member of wwf at the time as stated in erics book controversy creates cash!

  18. It has got to seriously suck to be asked to be in a porno, then find out it's a bit part. "Just walk across there holding a plank of wood, there's your $30, now fuck off again and we'll get back to filming the interesting bit." Harsh…

  19. Chris Jericho was born in New York state and resided in Winnipeg Manitoba . Rellik is killer spelled backwards well no kidding .

  20. "Kane was born in Spain. Probably on the plain."
    The place where it mainly rains because The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain

  21. Well now here's something that bothers me, wasn't "Buddy Peacock" a choice Daniel Bryan pitched for himself? Not for Steve Austin?

  22. I remember when there was a rumor that Paul bearer pranked the undertaker In The 90’s by putting a cucumber in his hat

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