10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have The Wrong Finisher (And What They Should Have) | WrestleTalk 10

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have The Wrong Finisher (And What They Should Have) | WrestleTalk 10

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have The Wrong Finisher
(And What They Should Have) Oh good, it’s YouTube’s signature move,
a man explaining to industry professionals how they’re doing their job wrong. It’s the worst platform on planet earth. So here I am, despite being weaker than Oli
Davies’ likes his tea – side bar I’m not kidding, he puts the bag in for 10 seconds
and exactly half the cup is milk, he actually measures in the mug so that it’s exactly
half milk, I’ve seen him do it, he’s a piece of shit – despite being weaker than
that, here are my precious numerical opinions about WWE’s current roster, and which of
them should do a different thing that I would never be able to do if you gave me a full
year, a personal trainer and an entire white boy body transplant. To make it a little less hateful this isn’t
a list of wrestlers with bad finishers, it’s a list of superstars who have a much better
finisher in their own moveset, but for some reason they’re not using it on the reginald. It’s 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have The Wrong
Finisher (And What They Should Have) 10. Edge – The Spear Welcome back Edge, we have missed you so so
so SO much stop doing the spear. The Rated R Soo-ooh-per-star returned at the
royal rumble looking like he’s been sleeping rough at muscle beach for the past 30 years. Scary beard, haunted eyes, bumpy tummy, lovely. And of course the first thing he did was go
on a running cuddle spree. Now listen, I completely understand that,
like the cutter or the superkick, it’s just an over move, no ifs buts or coconuts, but
Edge could get away with his spear in 2011 when there wasn’t anyone else on the roster
doing it, but when you’ve got The Bog Dog knocking out his ooaah special every week
and the person with the Best of All Spears Goldberg still going in the year of our lord
2020, then beyond nostalgia pops, the spear’s got to go, surely? Replace it with: The Edgecator. Remember this, it’s like a kneeing inverted
crazy-eyed sharpshooter and it looks boss! He used it to finish a few matches but never
as many as the spear and just look at that face, he sells it so well. There’s a lack of quality submission finishers
in today’s WWE and this serves Edge’s current look so much more than his spear which
other wrestlers are currently doing better. 9. Rhea Ripley – The Riptide It’s not like the Riptide is crazy bad for
Rhea Ripley, but for someone whose entrance theme proudly screams ‘This is my brutality’
a pumphandle slam is just a bit tame. I mean sure, at least Rhea doesn’t hump
her opponent first like Road Dogg used to do, but after years of Pumphandle slams being
transitional moves in wrestling it doesn’t stand out as worthy of someone like the NXT
Women’s Champion. The Avalanche Riptide is really fun, but that’s
more of a megadeath Wrestlemania move and would be a colossal pain in the hole to do
every week. Replace it with: the Big Boot. Rhea Ripley has giant legs, with giant boots
and she should absolutely demolish people with both. The big boot is hugely underrated as a finisher
if done right. Test’s Big Boot was unbelievably good. I know that Charlotte occasionally hits the
big boot, but during their upcoming Mania feud, that’s a really good way to transition
the move to Rhea, because honestly, he’s hit it on NXT a few times and it’s a LOT
better than Charlotte’s. 8. Goldberg – The Jackhammer Like, ok. The Jackhammer is fine. It’s fine. It’s a really sassy suplex. It’s very good at tricking the audience
that, because big lad goldberg floats over into a slamming position that it carries more
impact than a regular suplex when it absolutely doesn’t, because Goldie breaks his own fall. To be honest that brainbuster he cracked out
in Saudi Arabia looked more painful than a jackhammer, why isn’t that in Goldberg’s
regular moveset he says like a sarcastic asshole. The jackhammer got over for a reason and remember,
this list isn’t necessarily about wrestlers who have bad finishers, but rather they have
something in their existing moveset that’s better so, of course – Replace it with: The spear. It’s the best spear in the history of wrestling. Look at all these people meeting their ghosts
because of Bill’s big shoulders. Boom boom boom boom boom. Goldberg’s spear is possibly the most realistically
painful looking move of all time. It should feature prominently in scared straight
programs. How wrestlers take the move and don’t spend
the rest of their lives as two smaller wrestlers is beyond me. It’s so much better than the jackhammer
and I’ll fight you all if you disagree. 7. Keith Lee – Fireman’s Carry Jackhammer And so Adam’s quest to get everyone to unsubscribe
from WrestleTalk by ragging on the jackhammer continues apace. Again, this an Attitude Adjustment with theatrics,
it’s a hefty bit of bounce to it and it’s a lovely bit of showmanship. If a more limited big man had it in his arsenal,
it would absolutely work as his finisher. But we’re talking about a limitless big
man. We’re talking about Keith Lee, the man I
will someday marry, the man whose poster I kiss every night before writing Mr Adam Lee
in my diary over and over again. He can do better, and he frequently does. Replace it with: The Spirit Bomb. The goddamn spirit bomb. It is unfathomable to me that this isn’t
the most protected finisher in the Dub today. The bounce goddamn it. The bounce. It just looks absolutely devastating and the
fact that he can pop-up guys like Drew McIntyre and goddamn Walter for it makes it even more
of a showstopper. A beautiful move for a beautiful man. 6. Kofi Kingston – Trouble In Paradise Who doesn’t like a kick to the head. I certainly do. Before his run with the WWE championship,
Kofi’s long-time finisher could be seen as a pretty decent metaphor for his career. Fun, acrobatically impressive, incongruous
Jamaican, but also a bit lightweight, not always connecting and ultimately never making
the impact you think it should. Compare it to Black Mass, both kicks to the
face, but only one of them convinces as a match ender. It’s a decent move in theory, but you get
the sense that, because it involves a flip Kofi rarely drills it with enough force for
fear of knocking his opponents teeth out. Replace it with: SOS. 10% of the time it looks
terrible, but 90% of the time it looks great every time. Kofi can’t hit on everyone with the same
impact that he can hit a Daniel Bryan or better yet a Dolph Ziggler, but like Kofi himself
it’s fun, acrobatically impressive, it’s not in any way Jamaican, and is capable of
creating a huge impact if given half a chance. 5. Alexa Bliss – The DDT I keep refreshing her pro wrestling fandom
page to check and, yup, alexa bliss finisher is still just a DDT. I mean Twisted Bliss is sort of just falling
with style but at least it’s something. Now look before you all inch your glasses
up the bridge of your nose and remind, cosy little fucks that you are, that Jake The Snake
Roberts was legendary in the 80s, well so was crimped hair and steroids and I don’t
want those in my wrestling anymore either. Overuse and a plethora of more impactful moves
like the Impaler, the Futureshock, even the rope hung DDT means that the days of the standard
DDT being in any way a viable finisher are long over. Replace it with: the Code Red. She calls it the Glitter Blizzard and as much
as that sounds like a special birthday package offered by a party planner trying to capitalise
on Frozen, Bliss is pretty great at it. Like Kofi’s SOS sometimes it goes a little
floppy pancake terrible but most of the time it looks boss, it fits her whole don’t underestimate
my Five Feet of Fury gimmick and, and I can’t emphasise this enough, it’s better than
just a DDT. 4. AJ Styles – The Phenomenal Forearm Wow we all sure did get used to the name Phenomenal
Forearm, didn’t we? So, look, the move is a) very visually impressive,
and b) booking wise it’s a cool way to open up Styles to a surprise counter but, to counter
both of those a) it’s only impressive up until it’s very soft impact and b) that
booking is starting to get a little played out. I know it’s not called the Phenomenal Elbow
but Styles should remove his elbow pad before he does it and it should be the phenomenal
elbow. And don’t call it the phenomenal elbow,
what’s wrong with you. As a signature move, it does the business,
which is why Styles used it as a signature move and not his finisher for his entire pre
WWE career, but as his finisher? There is just one clear, obvious choice. Replace it with: The Calf Crusher. Oh damn, son! Look, I know people like the Styles Clash,
but I don’t know why people like the Styles Clash. We all hate Cesaro’s neutraliser, right? The Style Clash has as much impact as that. Unless you’re doing it from Bret’s rope
it inescapably looks soft to me. Look, the whole air quotes “dangerous”
aspect of it doesn’t turn me off the move, but it also doesn’t give it a thrilling
edge for me either, which I assume is part of the reason why fans clamour for it so much. WWE doesn’t want AJ to do it, goes the narrative,
so we therefore love it? Not for me. The Calf Crusher on the other hand is perfect
for a smart technician like Styles. It looks like it hurts, you can build a match
narrative around destroying the leg, it can be hit on anyone, you can transition into
it in a number of super smooth ways. It’s brilliant. Fight me. 3. Baron Corbin – End of Days Baron Corbin is very good at his job. Even back in the days of NXT when the consensus
was that Baron Corbin was not good at his job, he got people’s attention, in no small
part to his finishing move, End of Days. It looked completely different, it was safe
but with enough rotational bells and whistles to convince as a finisher and sometimes it
has a tendency these days to look a little soft, it still does the job as a solid, dependable
finisher. Only problem is, as Baron Corbin has become,
once more with feeling, very good at his job, he’s become really good at delivering a
move that is even better. Replace it with: Deep Six. Deep Six is goddamn great. I mean Christ, Corbin has a pretty great chokeslam,
the end of days, and now this, the greedy finisher hoarding piglet. There are two versions of the Deep Six, one
which is a spinning rock bottom and one which is a spinning back suplex and yes, either
iteration is just that relatively low impact move with theatrics, but that spin really
creates the sense of increased momentum and impact, more so than the End of Days and the
fact that he can launch it as a surprise attack at any time makes it more pop-worthy. 2. Kevin Owens – The Stunner Kevin Owens is one of the best men. He’s caught fire as an anti-establishment
truth-to-power babyface and what better way to say I am a tough SOB than the Stunner. Like, it’s a cool finisher, and I know from
working backstage at a wrestling promotion that the only thing grown men want to do is
hit each other with stunners, but here’s the thing – the Owens Cold Stunner looks great
but there comes a point where a wrestler becomes so huge, such a household name, that their
move becomes so unbreakably linked with that wrestler. Like, if Shinsuke Nakamura started cranking
out the Rock Bottom you’d be like umm, and if Samoa Joe started doing the Tombstone Piledriver
it would be really weird. It’s not a question of KO quotes ‘stealing’
anything, he asked Austin’s permission and it was freely given, but it’ll always be
so much Austin’s move that it feels, to me at least, that KO is doing Stone Cold cosplay
or mucking around on a house show when he does it and he’s so much better than that,
if that makes sense? I know the reason Owens changed it up was
because there are too many powerbombs in the wrestling world today, which is why… Replace it with: The Package Piledriver. It’s brutal, safe, can be done on the ring
apron or from the top rope if you need a superdeath variant. I cannot really fathom why the selective piledriver
ban rattles on in WWE. Yes bad things have happened as a result of
a particularly infamous botch to Steve Austin, but if Old Man Taker is still cracking out
the far more scary Tombstone and Adam Cole is allowed to hit the Panama Sunrise, I don’t
understand why Owens, who after years of performing it as Kevin Steen really owns this move, doesn’t
get a chance to do it. Seems like WWE might want to reclaim it after
Pentagon Junior has been cracking it out in AEW. 1. John Morrison – Starship Pain John Morrison is a big sexy daddy and while
Starship Pain looks almost as pretty as the wrestler himself, it’s weaker than an Oli
Davies cup of tea. Genuinely, and Oli is probably a good person,
but if you shout the word tea at a glass of milk, that is stronger than how Oli Davies
takes it. I’m not saying there’s anything explicitly
immoral about it, but the way he looks you directly in the eyes as he drinks it and demands
we all bang our hands on the desk as he sees in off in a single 3-minute long gulp, and
then eats the mug so it can never be used for any different kind of tea… I just… Starship Pain only ever really glances off
Morrison’s opponents and it really breaks the suspension of disbelief. Replace it with: The C4. Johnny M is a flippity dude, and this is one
of the best and weirdly underutilised moves for people with his skillset. It’s been used by Paul Burchill when he
was a pirate, from the top rope as a spanish fly or a flux capacitor if you’re Kazarian,
and John Morrison has even used it himself, beautifully I might add. It carries the same visual spectacle as Starship
Pain, but it actually, you know, looks like it might… finish somebody. Who else on the roster is using the wrong
finisher. Tell me how much you like the jackhammer in
the comments and if you could share this video on socials, as well as giving as a subscribe
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100 thoughts on “10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have The Wrong Finisher (And What They Should Have) | WrestleTalk 10

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    And watch How Adam Would Book Kurt Angle's Illegitimate Son Storyline In WWE here! https://bit.ly/37Slt4W

  2. @Adam/WrestleTalk, I think that The Spirit Bomb IS the most DEVESTATING finisher. …. I mean Goku became Ultra Instank, Kid Buu died, AND Omega Shenron was defeated with it!!!!!

  3. Oh man, ragging on Oli's tea.. this is the Adam humor I have missed SO. SO GOD DAMN MUCH. Legitimiately had my sides in pain as I was pauing the video and laughing. SO GOOD

  4. Brock Lesnar's F5 should be replaced with the Kimura Lock. The F5 just spins an opponent and drops them. The Kimura Lock can literally break someone's arm in real life if applied properly, and WWE already got that over earlier on in Brock's return with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Why he's not used it to tap people out more regularly, I'll never know.

  5. Yeah disagree with number 10 unless it is for his neck. But if anyone should change it’s Roman his is pretty shit.

  6. Yeah disagree with number 10 unless it is for his neck. But if anyone should change it’s Roman his is pretty shit. Also Rhea is fine.

  7. Hilarious how on basically the same day Whatculture makes a video about the sos not working as Kofi's finisher and now Wrestletalk saying the exact opposite

  8. Another suggestion is Keith Lee do the top rope moonsault as a finisher as it would highlight the fact that as big as he is, he can fly like a man half his size, and thus drive the point of him being "limitless". Him being strong and powerful is pretty much a no-brainer given his size but being able to fly? That truly is LIMITLESS.

  9. Lashley's spear replace it with his Dominator.
    Robert Roode's Glorious DDT replace it with the Glorious Crossface.
    And that shitty Cross roads imitation of Damian Priest replace it with his South Of Heaven/Haven choke slam.

  10. But you… but you… you said… *BUT YOU SAID YOU'D NEVER CALL IT ANYTHING ELSE THAN "THE SPARKLE SPLASH"!!! * runs to his room and slams the door *

  11. 1 – Riptide is a Pumphandle Powerbomb, not a slam.
    2 – To suggest she should trade that in for a Big Boot is absurd, especially when a) Charlotte finishes people with it every now & then b) Charlotte does it better and c) Ripley has that fucking awesome submission, completely unique to her (at least in the WWE) and you're not even going to mention it?

  12. I love the E.O.D. but definately agree that Corbin should use the Deep Six.
    At least on bigger guys and smaller guys he can just toss around.

  13. Seth Rollins. I, like the rest of the world, acknowledge that the Curb Stomp is great, but if we want a move that looks like ain't) no one kicking out, I definitely think he should use God's Last Gift.

  14. You are so wrong, Edge is a Great Wrestler how good he looked and performed with how long he was away(not Goldberg) Edge has the Greatest Spear of all time. the reason they have Goldberg, Batista and Roman Reigns doing the spear is that they are HORRIBLE Wrestlers!. Edge is the one that made it look cool.

  15. I totally disagree. Owens stunners look awful and nobody knows how to take it which boggles the mind considering the library of people taking Stone colds stunners

  16. Honestly, our generation grew up watching Edge hitting spears to steal wins. So Edge without spear is totally incomplete for us. And I don't like Reigns at all and feel Edge does better spear than him.

  17. I love the InSane Elbow but I really want her to crack out the Anchor more often. It really feels like the most brutal looking submission in WWE right now!

  18. i'd also like to see almas use the double knees to the face in the turnbuckle over the hammerlock ddt both are deversating but the double knees looks better and for someone to stand out more give apolo cruze the lionsault or even if he could pull it off middle of the ropes frogspalsh he athletic enough to pull these off and it would get the crowed going nuts for it

  19. I disagree with a lot of the list lol but still love you adam 😛
    Also, Styles used to take his opponent on his shoulders but the opponent's back on AJ's shoulder then spin them and plant them with a power bomb. that would be a great finisher in my opinion.

  20. Drew Macintyres finisher is terrible! Don't get me wrong, I love his promos and his ring work is amazing but his finisher just looks like a grown man slipping on a banana peel!

  21. K.O. using the stunner is awesome!! He's assuring that the move doesn't just die. I actually wish more people would adopt past superstars' finishing moves that aren't currently being used.

  22. I think Bayley needs a new finish. The Roseplant or Bayley to Belly never look good. Her Elbow Drop is great, but she is a Heel now so it wouldn't be befitting.. Unless it was a Diving Elbow to the back or the back of the neck. That would be killer.

  23. What culture did a very similar video recently. Saying how the SOS was rubbish, and complaining about such finishers as 'the bitter end' 'murphys law' 'the feast your eyes'….so yeah that was dumb as balls. Nice to see the sensible version PS I love the Jackhammer

  24. I'm glad that he's back but i like cultaholic more and i want to see him back with them 😩. They are coolest faction in the history of wresting on YouTube.

  25. I disagree for Goldberg because the spear and the jackhammer TOGETHER as a combo are a big part of why Goldberg got over in the first place

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