10 Shocking LAST SECOND WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Rumors You Need To Know!

with clash of Champions just days away fans are wondering what’s the latest news and rumors surrounding the show wonder no more as wrestling mia looks at the latest dirt on the clash of Champions 2019 number one expect to see the beaned in the braun strowman vs seth match setting up the next feud not too long ago fans learned that WWE was advertising Seth Rollins versus that beam breakwire in a non-title match in Canada leading to speculation Rollins would retain against braun strowman you may recall that the fiend has challenged the winner of Sunday’s title match for a match at sixth October’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view which has more than a few people speculating that the fiend isn’t going away until Hell in a Cell during the most recent episode of the Firefly funhouse Wyatt mentioned both Rollins and strowman insinuating they were responsible for the feed being unleashed it’s very possible that Wyatt will interfere in the match or show up after it setting up either a triple threat match at Hell in a Cell or just a one-on-one with Seth Rollins number two the OSI will make their presence known possibly replacing Ziggler and Ruud Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are many things including sore losers but the former raw tag team champions have been vocal about how they deserved a rematch following their loss to braun strowman and Seth Rollins in fact this has become the o’seas mantra for the last few weeks which has Russell Amir thinking the OSI always known for taking matters into their own hands we’ll take out Roode and Ziggler replacing them in the title match against strowman and Rollins this would also set up a feud between the OSI and rig’lar yes we said Rigler which could be a good way to spot the new team as they look for revenge and the raw Tag Team Championship number three Erick Rowan will make a big impression on Roman reigns the WWE appears to be giving Rowan a good push now as he’s transformed from a mindless follower into one of the WWE’s most dangerous rogues while it’s too early to tell how effective erick rowan will be without a mouthpiece his ability to brawl has been well established whether it was time in the Wyatt family of bludgeon brothers or alongside Daniel Bryan just because two wrestlers are good at brawling doesn’t guarantee a good match but Rowan and reigns is past melees on Smackdown suggest our encounter this Sunday will be one to remember look for reigns to put Rowan over as the big man defeats the big dog thanks to the extra carnage he’s capable of inflicting in a No Disqualification match number four Warren strowman will turn heel on Seth Rollins braun strowman seems so determined to do whatever he needs to do to win the universal championship and some fans think he won’t turn heel just because it’s such a predictable move while that’s a good point we think that the prospect of braun strowman as a monster heel is just too good to waste first the WWE needs to take the road tag team turtles off rollins and strowman because that rain has only been used to build tension between the two a clash of Champions while we can think of a better use for the tag belt rollins and strowman haven’t had them that long that it’s hurting the WWE’s already shaky tag team roster but for strowman to do something he lists during their tag team match the hints an ulterior motive and fostro me to go full-blown heel during the universal championship match number five Daniel Bryan will be out for revenge while many fans expect Daniel Bryan to be behind the attacks on Roman reigns as Rowan has both claimed responsibility and beating their stuffing out of his former boss the possibility of a swerve shouldn’t be ruled out although we’re hoping it doesn’t happen because we love Rowan’s a new direction for whatever happens expect to see Daniel Bryan show up to get some retribution on Rowan this could inadvertently give reigns the match whatever happens Daniel Bryan isn’t gonna go quietly into the night after his former henchmen embarrassed him on live television number 6 don’t be surprised to see a king of the ring replacement for addition to the finals the WWE surprised its fans when it announced the king of the ring finals will be held on Monday Night Raw rather than on clash of Champions as originally planned they also surprised many fans by putting Chad gable into the finals against Baron Corbin Gables unlikely appearance in the finals is definitely a surprise but it’s a Cinderella story few fans expected and frankly it’s one few fans seem to be interested in with that in mind don’t be surprised to see another contestant put in the finals particularly after Shane McMahon was unable to weasel his way into the finals if this happens and it involves some he’ll chicane research as Shane selecting another opponent the King of the Ring might even see Baron Corbin turned babyface if it doesn’t happen expect to see fans of wondering how the WWE managed to screw up one of the best king of the ring tournaments on paper number seven expect one surprise return the WWE has had its usual rash of injuries something we discussed in a recent news video from while some superstars such as Ruby Wright are expected to be out well into 2020 a few top stars are slated to return soon including drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley both individuals could make a big splash at clash of Champions we’re given the WWE’s poor ratings on Raw last week a return on Monday night makes more sense by the way the WWE will be certain to take advantage of the return of any star it can whether it’s on NXT Smackdown or Raw hopefully maximizing their impact number eight expect the boss and hug connection to win big although Bayley and sasha banks are competing on two separate brands look for the two close friends to make big statements on the respective brands the boss is back and she seems determined to take the spotlight away from Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch likewise Bayley has been vocal about doing whatever it takes to make the Smackdown woman’s roster stand out more or less explaining her heel ish tactics as a means of doing so what’s interesting is that Becky Lynch a real superstar who was featured in a Smackdown commercial in preparation for its move to Fox was seen interestingly without her belt also during the Philadelphia Eagles versus Washington Redskins game an advertisement popped up and a graphic of Becky Lynch was shown again interestingly without her title number one why didn’t they use the actual Women’s Champion for that brand Bayley number two is she making a big move to SmackDown and number three how could WWE just forget to put the title on her so it seems that the boss could make a big impression at clash of Champions speaking of the boss banks recently chatted with wfmz’s sports radio about her absence from the WWE following the boss and hugs title loss to the ikonics at WrestleMania 35 she explained I’ve been doing this for seven years straight no break people need to step back and reevaluate their lives and take care of their souls and minds and I’m back plump better than ever and I got myself a championship match on Sunday so I think I did quite well for myself right at benign more tweaks to NXT and the final fate of 2:05 live clash of Champions could be the last time fancy the cruiserweight championship being defended on pay-per-view while it’s an integral part of 205 live in a recent interview with Newsweek Triple H discuss the future of NXT as well as 205 live I think you’ll see that role will become very much distinctly its own brand as well as Smackdown on Fox an NXT will be its own the ability as time moves on for people to move from raw to Smackdown and NXT to roar Smackdown but also bra Smackdown – NXT NXT UK will sit under that NXT banner as well probably 205 to breathing some life into it a little bit that creates three distinct brands that talent over the course of their career which hopefully is long well they can migrate from one to another and be reinvigorated and have fresh starts and have longer more meaningful and lucrative careers while staying within the same company while there’s no definite word on 205 lives fate Triple H hinted at it during the interview stating you’ll start to see 205 begin to sit under the NXT umbrella I think it always existed as an island onto itself a little bit it’s become lost in this limbo you’ll begin to see it move more towards the NXT banner and the talent there we have a lot of talent for them to begin to compete either open against anyone or in the cruiserweight division I have that title sit under the NXT brand is more meaningful creates more opportunities for more people as for Raw and SmackDown it’s open a division it’s opened a division for them when you’re on both shows everybody is competing against everybody there’s also a rumor going around that WWE is going to air it makes tea takeover events which traditionally have aired the night before WWE pay-per-views to run against aew pay-per-views the WWE’s recent announcement that there would be no NXT takeover show the night before the Royal Rumble and NXT fans concerned about the highly regarded show’s future especially with the WWE airing worlds collide in its place however WWE stated NXT takeover will continue and that an announcement concerning their scheduling would be made shortly our aw response to the WWE potentially running opposition to their shows should prove interesting as well as the fans reaction to this counter programming and number 10 expect an uneven show while the WWE has put on to solid pay-per-views this summer Extreme Rules and SummerSlam in case just joining us the WWE’s ratings problems could lead to Vince McMahon micromanaging clash of Champions it’s no secret that Vince McMahon is constantly rewriting WWE shows so it’s possible fans could see some off-the-wall booking nevertheless some other old McMahon magic could lead to some wonky finishes spoiling what could have been the third strong pay-per-view in a row let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope Vince gets stuck in traffic or otherwise detained from running the show well there you have it guys your news and rumors for the clash of Champions pay-per-view this Sunday are you guys planning on watching the show let us know in the comments down below be on the lookout for WrestleManias predictions for the pay-per-view as well as our recap an analysis of the event after the show subscribe if you haven’t already follow us on Instagram and Twitter and I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content

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