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[Music] hi all and welcome to another mega magazine top 5 this time we’ll be casting her eyes over great and good of the wrestling ring in our countdown of the top 5 current WWE raw superstars now these aren’t they say the best or the most popular and they’re our faves and that’s all that counts so chalk up your hands and let’s grab in at number 5 we’ve selected Dolph Ziggler not only is Dolph a beast of an athlete and a multiple champion winning superstar he also happens to be a very cool guy we met him during the recent WWE tour so look out for that video coming soon just be careful because he will do anything to win in the ring number four in our list is the current Intercontinental champ Seth Rollins if you’ve ever seen this guy fight you’ll know his bouts are absolute marathons he takes some real beatings but he dishes out even bigger ones and that’s why he’s the champ Rick Kourtney at the ready and number three it’s the slightly crazed but always entertaining wolken Matt Hardy seriously you never know what’s going to happen when this dude steps in the ring his tag-team championship winning partnership with Bray Wyatt brings just the right amount of darkness and dizziness to raw dilip didn’t he delete say hello to another of mega mags mates it’s Finn below in it number 2 his coup de Gras signature move defies gravity his entrance rocks and his terrifying demon form is the best thing we’ve ever seen in the reef when we met him recently he told us he’s a Bigfoot you fancy he’s the real deal the top dog and our number one has to be big braun strowman the monster among men in greatest Royal Rumble winner he’s an unstoppable giant with a beard as impressive as it reversed chokeslam there is literally no human too big for this guide to suplex or a table and for all those reasons big brawn tops our chart honorable mentions must go to Roman reigns just because he’s Roman reigns Bailey because he doesn’t love a hug right Bobby Lashley because he brings beast mode to the ring every single time and the riot squad because they’re all slightly bonkers and pure entertainment thanks for watching our top 5 WWE raw superstars count do you agree with our selection let us know your top five in the comments below don’t forget to hit subscribe if you need your channel and give us a big thumbs up for more WWE action loads more besides check out this month’s mega magazine in the shops now [Music]

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