راندي سافاج ضد ريكي ستيمبوت في الراسلمينيا

a bunch around [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the Macho Man chest oh yeah I’ll tell ya here in the Detroit area like the macho man here in Detroit Wow say what you want you were worthy job [Music] [Music] since the Boston Garden I was so tired in here than this stealing or stealing in the interview center the trans people [Music] [Applause] some sound advice [Music] poor [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] look at George meow [Music] [Applause] [Music] doesn’t like it one hitch well I’ll tell you what the main thing right now is not for macho man not to worry about mandible steel in the list he has to concentrate on the dragon Ricky Steamboat and the defense of this Intercontinental Championship can only change hands in one of two ways submission or pinfall disqualifications no count-outs we can win the match that way but not the final yeah that’s right that’s where the champion has to eat oh yes you can see the champion could get disqualified the champion could get counted out he’ll lose the match of the winners honey bunny I’ll hold on to the title Elizabeth for the very concerned look on her face that rightly saw this is a bun death and it’s been coming down for quite some time just I want to go on record right now is safe you were one of the guys you and the weasel breath Bobby the brain Heenan who said that this guy would never step back in the ring I’ll go on the record he surprised be surprised Ilana you know they said he’s got a lot of heart but I Percy said he’s got a lot of throat because it wasn’t the heart that got hurt obviously Elizabeth in the wrong place is the Macho Man went out and took her by the hand and led her to another sex well you can imagine why I mean she was too close to animal Steele he’ll tell him what to do he’s kept after once already Irish women ducked underneath the dragon oh look at that deep drive off the road through the legs [Applause] and as you can see steamboat back my rules is flagrantly choking and referee days Heppner gonna have to get him under control or disqualify him well the dragon doesn’t want that Jess that’s got to be the farthest through his mind he doesn’t want to get caught it out he doesn’t once a person get caught it off he doesn’t want to get disqualified he wants to strut what a smart move there by the Macho Man he got the dragon to chase him outside the ring and when he came through the ropes he leveled a we build a and control once again the reigning champion Macho Man Randy Savage oh what a clothesline I don’t think there’s a better Talent the world of professional wrestling at Macho Man I’ll tell you what I have my doubts ed you’ve hurt be expressed as many times yes about how he got the but he faced everybody that is asked what 14 15 months and he’s been checked that’s right the guy has stopped nobody has not been a closet champion by a longshot on the corner and savage fights nobody home oh look at that leverage the wristlock to dislocate a shoulder real quick Rosie’s going to work right now with this on ringer he’s going to drape it over that top rope it drops off the apron with it I’m method to his madness indeed yes well I’ll tell you I’ve ever seen the dragon this aggressive I mean he is he he he doesn’t care about rules out there well this could be the final opportunity for hip chess I would say it is the final opportunity gorilla almost shot right over the shoulder and George the animal Steele as the dragon that’s gonna defy him the time he needed so needed a little time right there in that bought it for him savage holding on to that left elbow as it dragged over the top [Applause] George Steele there you see the animal Steele taking a look [Applause] I was a very cool the Macho Man Randy Savage it controlled entirely the fat end of the champ or Caleta booted him right in the process smart move by the Macho Man look at the bug of the premium on here it’s disgusting I prefer the bed and the dragon is back up on the apron look at this wide open blue in he’s five he’s going after that Laird smart on the part of the patro surprise you to do that earlier on in the match well you gotta wait for your opening gorilla you got to do certain things to create openings for other things champion definitely in control dragon in trouble [Applause] water’s coming as they come I’ll tell you what he’s got tremendous ability an accident with a flame this should be happy right now that would give us any idea that is she’s very concerned while in the words of Yogi Bear I ain’t over till it’s over right between the eyes amateur both gonna three o’clock [Applause] the dragon comes on once far come on ruff keep the guy out of the hair check who’s right there [Applause] get this energy process I just reach it down in somewhere and get it and now the tides changing he’s flipped up good if Stevo was the two sports that he says he is he would step back and let him to release it from those ropes he’s stuck back when I moved in once again immediately yeah what do you got to say about that the ring I try to terminate your career you do whatever you have to do reversal of macho and he reversed it again beautiful maneuver [Music] Oh look at the speed of these two that’s it oh it got caught with the momentum right into the top that D right into the high cervical vertebrae area of the back you know what that was Steve both went to the well once too often yes the top himself batkid they got clotheslined the morning outsmart Camacho really we’re concerned obviously there’s the animal the road scholar that he has down there giving some good advice you just he can’t even speak comedy do it is Pico our job cook me outside dragon is out into the weakside area Haffner what his handler to enhancer should be out in steamboat right here he’s reprimanding to champion and is no Eddie’s giving Steve on the chance to recover his left hand a bow still out there now look at you about how managers should not be touching people and helping people look what’s going on hi Jess she’s just a friend oh that’s different that’s terrible could get up to try this is terrible he should have been counted out already as the drug was literally pushed macho man all over the club barricade plugged into the ringside area and there he goes again like this car [Music] [Applause] he connects with this forgetty you know what he should do now he said drape that letter mix right over the radio I can do it again realizing the full counts were going on health and why is it Kepler counting why does it that Hitler to his child he wakes 30 seconds both men were outside the right know your River two men got in a long time ago that Hefner’s too busy reprimanded him instead of cuddling he should be call the champion down to the outside froze the dragon back in for once again there was once more double axe handle right between the eyes Oh set him up now beautiful movie all over talk about determination well my macho man vacation – just like kind of a clothesline deliberate the force it’s going great fell into it by accident a commission that could be smell classic textbook suplex right there macho man throwing everything but the kitchen sink it can’t keep the dragon shoulders not he is giving it three or four moves right now that were to beat any average this is the armwrestling ability this is cuts personified [Applause] his nonchalance stop cold chill went to the eyes Goodridge superposition there was a three tolerant there to that visitor was opposition could you possibly get around any quicker than that man I’ll tell you this Hector slow coding he better stay consistent man the dragon still in a lot of trouble [Applause] it was put his hat down probably exhausted [Applause] should be a disqualification that was an intentional throw over the top by steamboat to save himself just like the delivered clothesline I’d say there either I’ll tell you got an answer for everything gorilla look at the animal dragon trying to figure out what’s going on we’re about to Matt is there he’s grown right on up to this could be a big mistake hello savage doesn’t know where he is [Applause] [Applause] [Music] most jobs are into the eyes – that’s it we go try to get to the he’s in a lot of trouble a lot of trouble [Music] her position for house gets back in as he realizes the cock [Applause] what unbelievable we stick together all these the greatest matches I’ve ever seen it’s right in the middle [Music] [Applause] [Music] position perhaps a slingshot coming up yes [Applause] capiche sandwich in a whole heap of trouble give savage credit where credit is a lesser man would have been put away along [Music] this job of his title macrophage saw unfairly Jesse the body Ventura things [Music] save it in some for that leverage brother oh just put grant this field post as well I couldn’t tell either he’s hurt macho needs to do something right now buzzer man in control once again in this matchup Robbie Russell another reversal oh stop it off look at Rupp Arena Hefner’s down and out he’s out of it so story he’s going to the time if he hits it with the elbow what [Applause] it matches what mismatch Marcin conscious but revenge is cleared him over trying to stop a little lightning toward nachos going up again he’s gonna really doing it no he’s trying to get the battle he’s gonna do it [Applause] they’re just all make attitude inside we just got the back [Applause] Ravager to headrest what the champion still in control dogs bark [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Steve [Applause] the animal Steele a salmon [Applause] Terrence injustice [Applause] [Music] there was literally [Music] of course look at this small package right in the center the ring churches about to land this Silver Dollar they’re waste good lightning strike twice chest

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